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Firing and Unloading the Salt…AND Loading a Gas!

Whew – we are the busy gals – a bisque, salt firing and now a gas firing in the space of a week -

 Hard work all round on Friday with the salt glaze. Four of the young students stayed up through the night to stoke the fire. In spite of their best efforts, they couldn’t reach the required temperature for Jakob to work to increase the heat quickly as this kiln was meant to do. It was interesting watching Jakob when he arrived at 6:00 a.m. because he knew right away from the colour of the inside of the kiln as well as the smoke belching out that the kiln had many hours to go for this firing… Continue reading

Loading the Salt Kiln

We worked most of the day loading the kiln with experts Klari and Jakob.  Each piece had to have clay “pads” placed under it so it would not fuse to the kiln shelves.  There was a sense of release (not relief) as our pieces were loaded into the kiln and handed the firing of the work over to those who know the kiln best.  Margaret has much riding on the successful firing of the kiln as she needs this work for an exhibit at the ICS Gallery in June and in Nanaimo in July. Continue reading

Inspiration at ICS

More than half way through my residency in this wonderful setting – and I am feeling a sense of urgency that I am not getting work completed the way I would like to – even though I didn’t come here with the idea of completing lots of work! Such is the human condition – at least mine. I am learning so much, but not finishing or completing work of a calibre I think I should be or am capable of. But why would I think that after not doing much work for such a long while, that I would be able to slip into the creative groove so readily? I know that doing pieces that are worthwhile with a sense of longevity and purpose takes time. I have every reason to believe that nothing but good for my work will come out of this process but I need to be persistent and courageous. Continue reading

Spring in Kecskemet

April is here, the town has embraced the sun and warmer temperatures, restaurants have chairs and table outside and the locals seem to be relaxing a little. People however are still hesitant, even cautious about changing their clothing to lighter dress and to look at them you might think it was still winter. My bare toes garnered looks last week when it was just too warm to wear shoes and socks, but it was evident I was alone in this sentiment. In the evening, it is still chilly and I resort to my cold weather garb as we are in the middle of the plains and the winds blow cold. The heat is still blasting the interior of our studio rooms and for the most part, we are glad of it.

Continue reading

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