Casting our forms….

A weekend of of industry – continuing to form molds, dry them in the drying cupboard (a fabulous invention I had not heard of before here) and seeing the magic of our forms after casting them – seemingly perfect (or more perfect than before)! My photographs are somewhat limited and don’t give the whole picture as I had to take my camera in for repairs – perhaps using it too much!

The workshop was a wonderful learning experience for me – it is one of those areas where I realize more “what” I need to know and also what a fine skill (and art) mold-making is and that it takes years to master that alone. Casting is yet another area and I have always paired them and it really isn’t so.

I cast a set of bowls and a few tiles and these will likely be the last forms I make on this journey here. Debra and I loaded a bisque kiln yesterday and will do a medium size gas reduction on Thursday. Today, we explore the world of decal making – my head is jammed so fully with all I have learned – not sure what else I can take in, but am willing to try.

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