Master Mold Class with Ed Bentley

This week has been a busy productive blur from the first morning when five of us arrived to be introduced to mold making by  master mold maker, Ed Bentley (  Immediately, hands on demonstrations made the process accessible,  non-intimidating while engaging us all. 

When we began the class, all five of us wondered why there were so few people in the course – now we know.  The plaster room at ICS is large with a grand marble slab of a table in the middle.  By the time all of us have projects going – and they are many and varied – we run out of space.  We are glad there are only five of us!  Ed is kept busy attending to each of our designs and helping us as required – which seems to be much of the time.

Hopefully, the photos will give you some sense of the processes we’ve been involved with so far this week.

2 thoughts on “Master Mold Class with Ed Bentley

  1. Nan Oliver

    WOW – you are amazing! You have been so very busy and experienced so much!! What a gal. We can’t believe you only have 3 weeks left – time flies …
    Things are great here. Siretti and I are up at Whistler – haven’t been here since the Olympics and it’s wonderful to have the time to “just chill” in such a beautiful spot. The sun has been coming and going all day, but overall the weather is good. I continue with my 2 schools and am hoping to convince Ted (the teacher at Lord Roberts) to work with me in developing the daily drawing program. He plans on starting daily silent drawing with his students.
    We also have many projects going on at home. Started to paint the house and redo the deck!! Both will take time and we are allowing the full summer to complete.
    Siretti is recovering beautifully and it’s awesome to see him doing so well.
    Nic is doing very well at BCIT and seems to thoroughly enjoy being there. We are seeing him this Sunday for Mother’s Day lunch – he’s cooking “Spot Prawns” it’s the season for them.
    Continue to make the most of being at that magical spot. Really look forward to your return :)
    Take very good care,
    Big love, always,

  2. Steve

    Sounds like it was a good week. Hope you enjoyed it as well as learning . . . . This blog of yours is really good you know.

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