Gas Kiln Arrives – beginnings again …

It is about a year ago that Debra and I talked about purchasing a gas kiln and it finally arrived  this past week – it took six men to clear the way and pivot it around a tight spot but it “the beauty” as Debs calls it, is finally safely tucked away in my studio. We need to hire a sheet metal specialist to cut a hole in the roof for the venting and then Deb’s talented hubby T-Bone will do the pipe-fitting and we’ll be ready to fire. Fortunately, the gas line was in when I installed a gas furnace for heating when I built the studio, so the structure is there.

What’s next?  Pouring over old glaze recipes to see what might work in taking the temperature to cone 10, formulating or purchasing a good slip for casting and clay for throwing and then doing a test kiln – hopefully sooner than later, but knowing clay can’t be rushed, probably a few weeks from now.

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