Master Mold Class with Ed Bentley

This week has been a busy productive blur from the first morning when five of us arrived to be introduced to mold making by  master mold maker, Ed Bentley (  Immediately, hands on demonstrations made the process accessible,  non-intimidating while engaging us all. 

When we began the class, all five of us wondered why there were so few people in the course – now we know.  The plaster room at ICS is large with a grand marble slab of a table in the middle.  By the time all of us have projects going – and they are many and varied – we run out of space.  We are glad there are only five of us!  Ed is kept busy attending to each of our designs and helping us as required – which seems to be much of the time.

Hopefully, the photos will give you some sense of the processes we’ve been involved with so far this week.