Working While Waiting

Well, installing the venting is taking longer than I thought it might – seems we like taking holidays in the summer and it’s difficult to synchronize us all.  That however changed today as the venting gentlemen are here working as I write.

I spent a few days on Hornby Island visiting some of the local artisans there and generally being inspired by their work and their ability to work in a relatively isolated environment through the year.  I have been spending time “learning what I forgot” – a little frustrating but after so many years of not being in my studio on a regular basis.  I have found it a challenge to establish a routine and get down to work – partly because I am not having a huge amount of success.

However, there are glimmers of light and that of course comes with regular work in the studio and diligence in recording what I have done.  A few examples of my recent low-fired work…. Hopefully, I’ll soon have some medium and high fired work to show.