Introducing Artist Amy Kennedy and a visit to the Feldspar Mines

Amy is a ceramic artist from Australia. She has a seemingly very mathematical approach to working with clay and glazes with amazingly creative, beautiful results.


Amy is an artist in residence at Shigaraki.  She (as have all of the artists) has been generous in giving information about the studio, their processes, the town, Kyoto, or wherever we need help in going about our daily lives. Below are some of her results from tests.



Amy has been here for two months and her tenacity with working with the local materials is admirable in constructing one piece of work by the time she leaves the residency the end of this month.  Check her out at

one of Amy’s works on her website


And…. the visit to the Feldspar Mines

If you don’t know, feldspar is a material ceramacists use in making clay and glazes.  There is a local mine west of Shigaraki, Hata feldspar.  The chunks of feldspar in the clay are what give the local clay the rough characteristics in the wood fired kiln, but the feldspar is also used to a greater extent in making concrete and paper and as resources go,  this mine is becoming depleted.  We really appreciated the opportunity to visit first hand, bring back some samples for hammering and sifting and just feeling this wonderful material.

beginning of our trek to the hill behind (there is a road around)


clambering about getting our samples


And  something extra!  Debra and I on an outing met this ‘dog’ we can’t identify, but it was a happy encounter.

do you know the breed?

9 thoughts on “Introducing Artist Amy Kennedy and a visit to the Feldspar Mines

    1. Mary Daniel Post author

      Thanks Mia – glad you like the photos and especially Amy’s work which I think is quite wonderful. Quite the doggie too!

  1. Kit Grauer

    Just visited Amy’s web site- super inspirational- I am such a sucker for the blues and those awe some natural forms. What a great time and surrounded by such fabulous resources from human to mined!
    Thanks for another great post

    1. Mary Daniel Post author

      Thanks Kit! Glad you are enjoying the posts. It is inspirational working with these artists!

  2. Debra E Sloan

    Thanks Mary for the great post. I t has been interesting to watch how Amy Kennedy, the gracious lady of the studio, has identified her goals and is systematically seeking ways to resolve her complex ideas.
    Nice picks of the mine.

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