Last week it was freezing rain, now….

Boots were the rule of the day and night! Good for 20 below which we didn’t quite need, but almost.

Las week we could’t venture out because of freezing rain- scrambled eggs in. Debra took this photo outside our front door where cars were slipping and sliding – see the ice ruts below.

Treacherous for walking and driving


The cold and ice were last week.  This weekend we saw all the ice and snow melt and we were able to go out in t-shirts and vests in the sun, but more snow is due on Tuesday.

A gift of orange palinka from Klari and Jacob surrounded by my master moulds with casts in the background.

some casts and lattice-work, texture and trying the new form out

Debra working on a roof tile with a baby

5 thoughts on “Last week it was freezing rain, now….

  1. Ken

    Like the lattice relief on the closest piece
    Impressed by the tenacity of the “two” of you as you work through winter weather

  2. Ken

    Impressed by tenacity of these dedicated ceramists
    Like the lattice work and looking forward to see more work

    1. Mary Daniel Post author

      Thanks Ken – I am looking forward to working more with these forms- it has been difficult work for me at times, and tenacity is a good descriptor

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