Unloading the Kiln and Leaving Again…

Jakob has loaded the large gas kiln with some of his large pieces on top along with Debra’s Kecskemeti goats – my tiles and tests are along the base of the kiln.

Klari, ever positive, unloading the kiln and examining the glazes… she says I need to return to obtain the formula for a luscious black glaze on one of my tiles – see below!

The black glaze recipe with the cobalt breaking on the edges… Herend porcelain fired to 1320 c.

A very successful baby on the roof tile by Debra – her donation to the collection – a wonderful gift.

Our night walk on the way to our dinner at ‘Spaletta’ a wonderful restaurant near by – every meal we have had there has been delicious!


We are packed, boarding passes downloaded, and are ready to go early morning.  It has been a wonderful few weeks here at this very different time of year for us. It remains cold with few residents, but everyone has been helpful as always and we are  made to feel so welcome.  I’ve learned so much and have ideas to work with for a long while.  Debra and I have spent our time well working together for our last five weeks – I feel very blessed an privileged to have such a strong professional and personal friendship with her.

Off to Frankfurt tomorrow and Vancouver on Thursday. I’m looking forward to home and loved ones but there is a tug at my heart at leaving here.