Week 2

Surrounded by a moat…we sleep in the upper building

the local Shigaraki train –

Debra hard at work – a model for us all

We are now into what seems like a working routine, but it never really is.  How can it be a routine when we are in Japan?  I’ve attached a photo of the exterior of one section of where we are staying- it is that drab brown and grey, no green but at the end of next month it is hanami season and you (and we) will see the contrast.  It is already getting warmer – the other artists say we are just getting used to the cold and damp and warmth is an illusion.  No matter, it makes me feel warmer and that’s what matters!  We added another two working artists to our group today, both from Japan – all is well. We are a good mix of people and ideas – lots to learn.

The smallest anagama kiln on site – it takes 80 small bundles of wood to reach temp!

view outside my door – the studio is behind the trees


Cafeteria and museum up the hill from the studio

My first throwing with the very plastic Shigaraki clay

My studio space – note the space heater! There is also a heated floor in most of the studio.

6 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Kit Grauer

    Trains. Peter is jealous. I want a moat. At Galiano where Jean and George Bowering send their best to you and Deb.

  2. Gladys Loewen

    I am vicariously enjoying your journey and experience, the descriptions and the photos. thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop, Mary. love it.

  3. Ken

    Kiln looks promising – glad yre not sleeping in the moat – whole atmosphere seems conducive to intriguing work – enjoy

    1. Mary Daniel Post author

      Yes, it is conducive to working here and there are many making very interesting work! Some are not primarily ceramacists but just exploring working with clay – if they agree, I’ll blog about them!

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