Week Three

Debra and I have just returned from our restaurant around the corner from ICS – Kiskubaci Etterem.  The waitress recognizes us from 2010, 2013 and from a few short visits by Debra and Terry in the interim.  She is happy to look after us, serve the favoured goulash and cabbage salad with a sauerkraut flavour, and of course two large flutes of Hungarian beer.  They seem to be one of the few places that does not cater to the German custom of steins and we like this.   There is always enough for us to ‘pack’ and add to our soup or hot lunches which we enjoy this time of year.

We continue to work hard in the studio, Debra in particular and we both recognize this as a privilege.  Last evening, we were treated by Gabi Kuzsel, who took us through the cellars of the ICS to look at the collection that has been amassed by ICS residents and guest artists for the last fourty years and, we are included in it as past residents.  It is awe inspiring, but we regret that there doesn’t seem to be the funding to catalogue, document, photograph and all of those things necessary for preserving the historical background of the artists and these pieces.  Gabi  curates exhibits in Budapest at regular intervals, but as this is such an exciting, historical collection, Debra and I wish for more.  But of course, we wish for this in Vancouver and Canada as well.

my ‘square pillow’ tile – the angles at the corners are causing challenges for casting… it is 19x18x43/4 cm and is fired to 1220 centigrade, cool for Hungarian firing and it will shrink close to 20%.

Morning coffee in the library – a favourite spot for me. All is quiet, surrounded by books and morning light.

One of the outside corridors with the low light at the end of the day… very romantic and soft…

We are getting ready for a bisque firing tomorrow and are looking forward to the results from the Laser kiln glaze firing to try to determine how we are going to proceed with the glazing after the weekend.  I am looking forward to seeing how my geometric forms bisque and specifically high fire.  Gabi thinks my pillow forms may have a bit of a collapse because of the angled corners. They have been a challenge to cast, but I am determined to  find a way to make the form work as I am so fond of it.


The upper floor library – a constant place of repose…