We took the train from Vienna to Stentgotthard.   Our host and Director of the International Ceramics Studio  (ICS), Steve Mattison, met us and took us to the local pub/fishing lodge to settle in to stay the week. Debra and I had made arrangements to do a workshop at Steve’s and Gabi Kuzsel’s studio in Oriszentpeter, directly across the road from our accommodation. Gabi is one of the world’s finest plaster casters and we knew were in good hands and up for long days and work.

approaching Steve and Gabi’s studio workshop

Debra and Gabi working on Debra’s mould

Mary’s master triangle moulds – trying to find the right angle

Our pub/fishing lodge accommodation – very comfortable!

ordering eggs or ‘lost in translation’

reviewing my geometry to get the casting form

feeling pretty happy with the result!

Gabi and guide at the beautiful Velemnri Szentharomsag Templom – beautiful frescos.