Back at the International Ceramics Studio (ICS)

The Courtyard at ICS – in Spring, this tree shades with cherry blossoms – hard to imagine in the current -11 degrees.

Debra in front of the doors of ICS – note the hoar frost on the overhanging boughs.

Inner courtyard view from my room – lots of snow and ice!

the walk into the town centre.


As this is my third residency here, it almost feels like a second home.  We are welcomed by the staff who are pleased to see us as we are them, and made to feel a part of the ceramics community.   Our work during the last 10 days has been rewarding and productive, working long days, breaking for lunch, back to work, breaking for a beer and perhaps some palinka about 6 and then go out for a late dinner at one of the local restaurants.

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  1. Mia Johnson

    This is so wonderful to hear from you and see the photos. It’s a great feeling to have a “second home” like this. Sounds like you’re being productive!

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