Stopping in Budapest …

The grand Budapest Market Hall

Interior of the market, early in the morning with lights of the season

Green Bridge with the Gellert in the distance

Deb drawfed by a candelabra at the Hungarian National Museum

Ice moving on the Danube as the day warms


Debra and I spent a couple of days in Budapest where we were welcomed by our favourite sights, one of them being the market.  We were there early Monday morning where people were just setting up – lots of lovely fresh produce, huge amounts of pork, beef and chicken on the ground floor, and items for locals and tourists on the second floor.





Walking over the Green Bridge takes 10 minutes at most, but we need to stop, look, take photos, watch people, etc.  It doesn’t seem to matter how often we do this walk, we always find something to admire.






First time visit at the Muzeum Korut  – a museum about the history of Budapest and Hungary.  We spent about two hours here – there was some English translation as our Hungarian is no better than it was when we were here last time – such a challenging language!)  Lots to learn and the more I do, the less I know about most things.





Ice on the Danube held a great deal of fascination as we viewed it swirling and moving from the Green Bridge.  Needless to say, it was cold and the hot baths at the Gellert were very welcome after we were out and about!

Debra had a special birthday while stopping in Budapest and T and all four children and their mates Skyped her at an early hour to wish her the best.  She was very happy they took the time to gather to acknowledge the day.