On our way to Hungary, we stop in Vienna

My friend Debra Sloan and I decided to recover from jet-lag in Vienna before settling in to our week long plaster casting workshop on the  Hungary/Austrian border,   I had visited Vienna last in 1970  and it is hard for me to say, let alone imagine 46 years ago!  We stayed in the historic part of the city, where it seemed almost without traffic while cars buzzed around us on the ring road.   We  walked easily everywhere even though snow, wind and sleet were the rule of the day and salt and gravel covered most streets.  We found the Viennese people somewhat reserved yet very relaxed as they went about their business.  For three days we meandered about and went through the Kunsthistorich Museum mesmerized by the Breugels, Rembrandts and Vermeer and somewhat bemused by the curation of an exhibit by Edmund de Waal.  We were lucky enough to get a seat the wildly popular state opera house and see La Sonnambula where we were nothing short of amazed watching the Viennese give a seemingly endless standing ovation.  The state opera has wait lists of years for season opera tickets  both through the week and on the weekends and they have sell out seasons year round!  And of course, the practice of the Lipizaner’s gave us a suitable morning just sitting and looking at these beauties trot about – little energy from us but to take it in before we caught our train for Hungary.

A popular way to get around